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it's been a while...
2007-04-01 at 11:09 a.m.

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while...it's that busy time of year I guess....at least that's the excuse I'm using ;)

So I hope everyone is doing fantsticaly awesome. We are doing fairly well ourselves all things considered. We are off today on our annual spring-get-the-f***-out-of-town-in-our-dodge trip. We're a day later than usual as we have both been seriously down with the creeping crud, or in this case I'd call it the stomping-its-way-through-my-cerebrum-and-lung-on-its-way-to-conquer-my-soul-crud, not to be too melodromatic or anything ;) I think I've finally got the upper hand, and B looks like he's finally coming around, so we should be off today! YAY!! I love this time of year when I get to go traipsing about the southwest with my honey and tell the rest of the world to screw off (no offense intended ;)

We're off today to see my parents. Mom gave us quite a scare by getting herself put into the hospital with a drug interaction this week, but seems to be on the mend quite well. I told her that getting herself out of the hospital was my best birthday present....but I gotta tell ya, this new laptop I'm typing on is a close second.

Yes, the love o' my life gave me a new laptop for my birthday this year. He said I deserve it so I can really pursue my writing. Gee, I think he's a keeper ;) It's a lovely new toshiba satellite, and is faster than my desktop, which is saying quite a bit. I think I'm a little in love. When I told my writing partner (the one I've been writing the play with for forever and a day) what I was gifted with, she nearly took my ear of with screaming. I guess that means we'll get some good out of it :)

The birthday party itself was lots of fun. We had everybody out bowling. It was nice to see all the boys and thier respective girls. Seems since I moved in, we never get our little "family" together as much as we used to. I had some friends from work out too (who gifted me with some jack daniels...that's what I call some friends!), and B's mom and grandma were out too. Overall a lovely time had by all :) Wish you were there though!

On other fronts, the house is doing great. Our new front yard is postively blooming this spring, as is the back yard. The garden is busy working on artichokes, asparagus, rhubarb, eggplant, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, and potatoes. and of course, my herbs are going psycho as usual...gotta love it ;) The cat and dog are doing well, but getting very much older. Both of their arthritis is causing them to slow down, and make the cat a tad cranky, but we still get lots of love.

So, now that I've worn your eyeballs out with my overly long blog catch up, I will let you go so I can wake B up to pack and get our butts outta here. Cause if I don't see some red rocks soon, I may wither inside and die. Not to be too melodramatic, but hey, I am a drama teacher ;)

Catch ya on the flip side!!

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